Blue Water Rods

Blue Water Rods

This series of rods is built for offshore fishing. OB Custom Rods are used for the numerous species of fish found up and down the east cost. My trolling rods are built using top quality blanks and components for high performance.
We stock standard handcrafted models covering the various fishing circumstances. This allows you to look, touch and feel the various components. However, your needs may be unique so we encourage you to customize your rod options by changing the color, lengths, butts, and other hardware and wrapping specifications to meet your exact requirements. All rods can be customized with your name or boat name.
​Our goal is to give you exactly what you want with no compromises!



Stand-Up Rods

​The Stand-Up Series is usually built utilizing a blank with faster action and plenty of back bone depending on the weight class. This series is offered with the same handle, reel seat and guide options as the IGFA series. We do build some stand up rods with EVA and foam handles, this provides comfort to the angler. The Stand Up Series is offered beginning with the 20 lb light tackle and goes up to the unlimited class.

Vertical Jigging Rods

Vertical Jigging Rods are constructed with a wide variety of handle designs that to maximize comfort for the angler as well provide a distinctive look for the rod. Blanks are carefully chosen to meet a variety of fishing situations. Ringlock SIC guides and Alps reel seats add to the strength, functionality and appearance of the rod. the conventional setups are built with spiral wraps as the length and action of the blank allows.Foregrips are EVA while the but section can be constructed of graphite or EVA in a full or split grip configuration. The materials used create a rod that is both salt and fish worthy.

Deep Drop Planer Rods

 These are the brutes! The workhorse of the line. Designed expressly for long deep drops with a tremendous amount of back bone to support heavy loads. Extra heavy duty swivel tips and Alps bent butts complete the setup.

Blue Water Popping

Do you know someone who does not like top water action? These blanks are designed to cast heavy poppers and and lures. Light but strong enough to tame the heavy hitters in the salt. Typically we use Busido blanks High strength guides and large Alps reel seats. This combination affords the angler light weight and superior strength. No offshore trip is complete without one.

IGFA trolling rods

IGFA trolling rods are usually built using a progressive blank that distributes power down the entire length of the rod. The butt and reel seat are a unibutt construction, no foam here as it would hinder getting the rod in and out of the rod holder to the fighting chair. The fore grips would be either EVA or foam. The guide selection would be a choice of standard roller guides, wind on for knot clearance, big foot guides for the heavy work, or turbo guides with Silicone carbide or Zirconium inserts. We currently offer and recommend a series of turbo guides with a titanium frame and zirconium ring. This offers the best corrosion resistance on the market as well as flexibility and weight considerations. There are also numerous rod setups that use a combination of guide styles. The Blue Water series is offered beginning with the 20 lb light tackle class and goes up to the unlimited class.

 Teaser Rods 

Teasers and kites are designed specifically for this type of fishing. This is not a trade off or a make shift rod instead it is very specific in nature. We talk with the anglers about exactly what is needed rather than try to fit them into a "stock" setup. Sometimes just a little variation is all that is needed to make the rod work exactly as you want it to.

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