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The OBX series of surf rods have been developed over the past 10 years by us and some of our avid surf fishing buddies. We surf fish from the coast of Maine, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and all the way down the East Coast to the Gulf of Mexico. The blanks chosen and components used on these rods are of the highest quality available on today's market. These rods will hold up to the tough elements of a 3-5 day surf fishing trip, camping on the beach with little fresh water, and the constant 15 to 20 mph wind and sand storms of the southeast coast of Texas, as well as the cold wet beaches of the Outer Banks. Below are some of our special purpose rods.



The Poppin' Cork Rod This is a bait casting rod designed specifically for throwing a popping cork and shrimp or artificials such as Mirrolures® and Zara Spooks®. This rod has lots of backbone and is no sissy.
The Poppin' Cork Rod from OB Custom Rods features the revolutionary "acid wrap" or "spiral wrap" that has become the darling of the professional bass circuit. When battling big fish this unique guide placement ensures that the line never contacts the blank and increases casting distance.
The Poppin' Cork rod is made from a 7-foot graphite blank and has a special trigger handle. The high frame match guides that spiral around the blank will enable you to cast accurately and with more distance than your ordinary rods.

"Da Heaver" Cape Point, South Beach, Oregon Inlet, Assateague, Chincoteague, Cape Charles and Ocracoke all mean big fish to the priests of the high surf, specifically, fishing for red drum with "eight n' bait". For the uninitiated, "eight n' bait" means an eight ounce sinker with six to eight ounces of bait. This requires a rod unequaled in strength and dependability. The only other rods that require this type strength are offshore rods for tuna and billfish.
When the big red drum cruise the rips, more often than not, they are just out of reach of folks with ordinary rods. You need a rod born and reared in high surf country, made by surf fishermen who know what you require.
"Da Heaver" by OB Custom Rods is an 11-foot graphite casting rod designed to toss "eight n' bait' and not kill you in the process. This rod is not for everyone, only those brave enough to tackle big fish in big surf in all kinds of weather. Due to the popularity of this rod, there is a waiting list.

OB's Personal Surf Rod OB fishes the high surf of Hatteras Island, Ocracoke and Portsmouth Islands. He prefers spinning tackle because he is getting too old to toss eight n' bait. So, he and his buddies have designed a rod that anyone can use and catch fish with in the high surf. This rod has also seen service on the piers of south Alabama and the Florida panhandle. Jack Crevalle, king mackerel, and red drum have all fallen victim to its power.
OB's Surf Rod is built on a 10-½ foot graphite blank with high performance, high frame match guides. It has a rubberized cork wrapped handle and fixed reel seat. Upon special request we can build this rod in casting configuration with or without a reel seat for clamp-on reels such as Penn Squidder and Newell. This rod is as versatile as they come in a high surf rod. It will easily handle six n' bait, plus a wide range of lure weights. We can throw from 2 ounces up to 8 ounces. This rod will make you look like you know what you're doing even if you don't! You will be asked, "where did you get that?"

OB's Flounder, Spot, Sea Mullet and Foolin' Around Rod This rod is a one-handed spinning or casting rod, which ever you prefer. It is designed to offer you a light, medium action rod for flounder, spot, whiting, specks, pompano and other such tasty fish. We have even "snuck" it out on the pier for Spanish mackerel when folks weren't watching.
OB's FSS&FAR Rod is built on a 7-foot blank that will handle up to 1-1/2 ounces quite nicely. It is a lighter rod than OB's Shrimp Rod.
Sometimes in the evenings after everyone has settled down, we take this rod and a hand full of jigs or bait and just poke along the surf line. We have also used this rod on yellowtail snapper and bonefish. It is amazing what we catch and the fun we have doing it with this rod. It will match up with your favorite freshwater spinning or bait casting reel.

While the above rods are our favorites, we stock standard handcrafted models covering the various fishing circumstances. This allows you to look, touch and feel the various components. However, your needs may be unique so we encourage you to customize your rod options by changing the color, lengths, butts, and other hardware and wrapping specifications to meet your exact requirements. All rods can be customized with your name or boat name. Our goal is to give you exactly what you want with no compromises!

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