Make a big change of your jigging and casting game with a BlueBlue Searide Jig.

SeaRide swims in a unique way that is not found in any other lure of this type.
The blueblue SeaRide motion is dictated by the action you impart during your retrieve.
Gotta see em to believe em!

These unique and exciting metal lures are available in a variety of different sizes to ensure you have the perfect fit bait for the depth and species your area provides.

Weight: 20g

Weight: 30g

Weight: 40g

Weight: 60g

Innovation of Metal Jig "SeaRide" Amazing Slide Action!

Make a big change of casting game with metal jig. SeaRide, made for shore fishing, swims unique way "dolphin action" that nobody has seen before. When you slightly twitch upward and retrieve, SeaRide makes the swimming action which is full of the feeling of vitality like dolphin swims around the ocean freely.The "dolphin action" attracts all fish eaters!

OEM replacement hooks are also available for the numerous sizes of these lures. The recommended sizing chart is as follows. 

 M SeaRide 20g

L SeaRide 30g / 40g

LL SeaRide 60g

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