The Light Tackle Rods are built on a variety of blanks in a variety actions and lengths. From Bue Gill to Light Salt applications we have the blank to fit your needs. Spinning and casting blanks are the same quality components and craftsmanship. We match the blank for the type of lure and type of fishing that the angler identifies. Blanks from various manufacturers are used including but not limited to Batson, St Croix, and American Tackle. We guide anglers into the right blank based on the fishing situation.
Call us or stop in and see our series of Trout/Redfish Rods. This series of rods has become the gold standard for this fishery.

Guides utilized include, but are not limited to, Titanium Frame SIC, Minima, Fuji and Alps. All of our guides are extra strong and braid friendly. In addition to standard guides we have built numerous rods with the Microwave Guide System. Our experience with these guides is that they cast very smooth, are very accurate, and deliver the same distance with less energy applied to the cast.
We use the Spiral Wrap on the vast majority of our baitcasting / conventional setups. Our clients agree that until you have fished a spiral wrapped rod you do not know what you are missing.
All of our rods are set up according to what the blank is asking us to do and what reel the angler will be using. Guide placement is an integral part of all of our build. Also included in this series are our Travel Rods. Generally built on 3 piece blanks our travel rods are available in a wide variety of powers and actions from light to extra heavy.
While the majority of these blanks are graphite there are applications where we recommend composite blanks or glass.